FAQs for owners

What is RFA?

The original concept for this project was inspired from an idea by Dennis McKeon, a lifelong racing professional and greyhound breed enthusiast. Dennis' idea was for a group of adoption supporters to buy a race dog and all the dog's race winnings would be donated to selected adoption agencies to help fund their ongoing efforts in rehoming retired racers. Read more here ...

Who runs RaceForAdoption?
RFA is run entirely by volunteers who donate their time and resources to the project.  The team primarily consists of Dennis McKeon, Martin Roper, Bob Fine and Angela Wilson-Taylor.  Our website is kindly donated by RU Webby. You can read more about us here.

How do I get involved?
Select a dog from your active roster.  Contribute the earnings from that dog to the adoption agency of your choice.

Does the dog have to be Grade A or run at a racino track?
No, obviously the higher the grade as well as a racino will generate more money for adoption, but is not necessary.

How much do I contribute?
This is up to you.  The owner’s share of the winnings, or a percentage.  The designated amount is up to you.  The kennel where the dog runs may also want to contribute all, or a percentage of the winnings, too.

Do I pay RaceForAdoption the winnings?
No.  All contributions are paid directly to the selected adoption agency, by you.

Does RaceForAdoption select the recipient agency?
You select the agency you want to help.  You will probably want to designate an agency that places your dogs or has helped you out.  Alternatively, we would be happy to recommend a group if you would like help.

Are the contributions tax deductible?
Yes, if the recipient agency is registered as a 501c non-profit organization.  Most are, but you should confirm this with the selected agency.

If I designate multiple dogs, do the earnings have to go to one agency?
The contribution plan is up to you.  Earnings can be designated to meet your preferences.

What will this cost me?
Other than the donated dog earnings, there are no additional costs to you. 

Are there any time constraints when a dog can become a part of the program?
No.  New dogs can enter any time.

What does RaceForAdoption get from my dog’s earnings?
The satisfaction of helping adoption efforts.  We are all volunteers and collect no fees.

Will my dog be featured on the RaceForAdoption website?
Absolutely.  We are proud of each dog and their contribution to adoption efforts.  Each dog has their own tab with pertinent information and photos (when provided).  Notice of upcoming races and results are also listed on the main page and the link to that dog.

How do I contact someone from RaceForAdoption to discuss more details?

Click on this enquiry form to get in touch with Dennis McKeon, Bob Fine & Angela Wilson-Taylor