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Monday Evening - Whistler's Stud Weekly Update (1922 Views)
Posted: Jul 6, 2004 at 5:06 AM - WebErika's 8th post Copy Link
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Reprinted from a post by Larry Birnbaum on Global Greyhounds.com

Here is your Official Monday Evening Whistler's Stud Weekly Update

Raceforadoption's pride and joy had his second handslip today in Abilene Kansas. Kevin Dalton used two words to describe Stud'd performance:


Just got off the phone with Kevin and he really likes what he sees. Kevin thinks Stud "really know what he doing". Kevin went on to say, "This Greyhound knows how to run."

"He put his head down and has a beautiful stride", Kevin added.

To say that I am excited would be the understatement of the year. I am excited for myself. I am excited for Dennis and Martin. I am excited for the 100 people who generously donated $100 dollars each who are now "envolved" in the thrill of Greyhound Racing. I am excited for SEGA and PUPS WITHOUT PARTNERS, who will now get a little extra help in accomplishing their mission of finding permanent homes for retired racers. Most of all, I am excited for the Greyhound Industry and for the positive publicity that this can generate for all of us.

Think of how exciting it will be when Whistler's Stud schools in at Wheeling! Think of how exciting it will be when Stud breaks his Maiden!! Think of how exciting it will be when Stud wins his first Grade AA race!!!

Here is Stud's short term agenda:

This Thursday he will school his first 1/4 Box.

Next Monday and Thursday will find him running two more 1/4's

If he does well and Kevin Dalton is satisfied with his progress, he will be stepped up to the 5/16's Box

We should have a 1/4 Box time to report to everyone hopefully no later than one week from today (next Monday).

I assure everyone that Whistler's Stud is in the finest of hands. Kevin and Gina Dalton are the best trainers of Greyhounds that anyone can find not only in America, but in the World.

Whistler's Stud is being given the best care and extra special attention. The Dalton's are aware of the importance of this project and it's possible upside ramifications. They have graciously accepted this responsibilty and I assure everyone envolved that they will more than rise to the challenge. Kevin and Gina feel very strongly that Greyhound Adoption is of the utmost importance and they are glad to help with the progress of the Raceforadoption project.

I am getting so excited that I almost can't wait to donate my second Greyhound for this worthy cause.



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