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Mandys Choo Choo - PRH Announcement (1908 Views)
Posted: Jan 23, 2005 at 12:55 PM - PRHSkip's 2nd post Copy Link
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Cross posted from the Project Racing Home message board. http://petget.com/prh/viewtopic.php?t=1132

Dear Project Racing Home Message Board Members,

On January 17, 2005, it was announced to the board of directors that Project Racing Home has been included in the Race for Adoption program. Henry Howe has very generously donated the winnings from his dog, Mandys Choo Choo, to the Race for Adoption program, as part of the 2004 Global Greyhounds Rookie of the Year award. The award was won by Non Stop Fun, who races for Bahama Mama Greyhounds. Bahama Mama designated Project Racing Home to be the recipient of the Rookie of the Year "prize package."

The Race for Adoption program is designed to have Greyhound owners donate a percentage of the winnings from their dog to an adoption organization of their choice. Henry Howe is donating his entire share of Mandys Choo Choo's winnings. In addition, B&J Racing is also generously donating the race kennel's share of Mandys Choo Choo's winnings to Project Racing Home! This makes Project Racing Home the very first Greyhound adoption organization in the history of Race for Adoption to receive 100% of a Greyhound's winnings!

You can read more about this new and wonderful opportunity for Project Racing Home on the Race for Adoption message board: http://www.raceforadoption.com/index.cfm?action=FM&BD_ID=17&TH_ID=193 You are encouraged to join the message board. Have fun, ask questions, and cheer on Mandys Choo Choo as she does the Locomotion around Orange Park and Jacksonville. Watch her run live by clicking this link: http://www.jaxkennel.com/liveracing.asp

The Race for Adoption website (www.raceforadoption.com) has more in depth information about the program. The website also includes information about breeding, farm life, training, and racing. You will find that Race for Adoption is doing a wonderful job of bringing adoption and racing together. If there is enough interest generated from this first venture, we may be able to raise funds for additional dogs to race for Project Racing Home, as part of this great new program!

Mandys Choo Choo is a very pretty red-brindle (RBd) female, who was raised just outside of Charlotte, NC. Her birthday is April 26, 2003. She has finished in the money 13 out of 17 starts, and is currently running in Grade C. Henry Howe is a very kind gentleman, who has done a lot for Greyhound adoption.

On June 25, 2004, someone posted on the Project Racing Home message board, asking if everyone at Project Racing Home could be owners of a racing Greyhound vicariously through me, once I put a dog on the track. While my racing career is slow getting out of the box, there is a way to live vicariously through a Greyhound owner. A wonderful part of the Race for Adoption program is that people can be "virtual-reality owners" by purchasing sponsorship shares. The shares do not give you actual ownership, but you can feel closer to Mandys Choo Choo, while helping Project Racing Home. All of the money generated from sponsorships goes to Project Racing Home! If you want to feel the same emotions as the owners of racing Greyhounds, sponsoring Mandys Choo Choo is the way to go! Sponsorship forms are available by clicking this link: http://www.raceforadoption.com/docs/ChooChoosponsor.pdf

In closing, Project Racing Home would like to thank Henry Howe, B&J Racing, Bahama Mama Greyhounds, the Race for Adoption team, and Mandys Choo Choo for our inclusion in this great program. We would also like to congratulate Non Stop Fun on winning the 2004 Global Greyhounds Rookie of the Year award. We wish both Non Stop Fun and Mandys Choo Choo continued success in their careers.


Skip Potter
Adoption Counselor and Greyhound Advocate
Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoptions

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Posted: Jan 23, 2005 at 2:43 PM - Broodmama's 29th post Copy Link
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Best of luck to Mandys Choo Choo and PRH! She is a beautiful dog and I look forward to following her career!

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