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Henry Howe and the RFA winner of Rookie of the Year - from a thead started on GG (3171 Views)
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Nearly a year ago, it was casually decided by a number of breeders who post on Global Greyhounds, that there would be a "Rookie of the Year" contest.

The contest would entitle the owner of the winner to "bragging rights" for a full year. Breeders were allowed to nominate whomever they liked, but the greyhound had to ber raised, owned or trained by a Global member.

Yours truly was selected as one of the 5 judges...and as the contest developed, and under the direction and watchful eye of outstanding veteran breeder, Mark Adams, a $500 cash prize was generated, to be donated to adoption.....and Henry Howe offered a pup who would race for the adoption group of the winner's choice.

As it turns out, the contest drew many worthy nominations, but the foremost among them, when it was all said and done, appeared to be Bahama Mama's Non-Stop Fun....a black, June 2002 female by Oshkosh Slammer, out of a Great Son daughter, named Black Silk Babe.


The Bahama Mamas selected Project Racing Home in NC, as the group who would receive 100 percent of the earnings of Mandy's Choo Choo, of the Lambert Kennel in Jacksonville, FL.

According to Henry Howe, "The pup we have chosen to Race for Adoption in Jacksonville is Mandys Choo Choo(Craigie Whistler x Miz Mandy). 100% of her winnings will be sent monthly to Project Racing Home, as directed by the 2004 ROTY winner Bahama Mama. Choo Choo has been in the money in 13 of her 15 races, and today won her D race to move back into C. The first check will go out February 1st covering all the January proceeds received by that date.
Kimberly (director of PRH, Kimberley Jewel), I'm sure you've met Choo Choo before, as she was raised by Kristin Block.
May she continue to show her "I think I can" attitude, and have a safe career. She was whelped 4/26/2003, so there should be many races in her future."

We hope you will all join us here at RFA, in congratulating and thanking the Global Greyhounds breeding community (and Mark Adams and Kelly Clark, who kept tabs)), Project Racing Home, the Bahama Mamas , Lambert Kennels and Henry Howe, as we root for Mandy's Choo Choo, who joins the ever-growing list of Adoption Racers.

Nice going folks!!

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Posted: Jan 10, 2005 at 6:24 PM - nnracers's 70th post Copy Link
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Thanks for the nice write up.

I spoke with Cathie of B & J Kennels todays and she will be getting us pictures of the newest star for all to see.

It is getting very exciting to watch the momentum grow.There are now six dogs running,or finishing training for Raceforadoption.

Looking back now it is hard to believe that this concept was launched only six months ago.


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Posted: Jan 11, 2005 at 4:16 PM - jcsperson's 60th post Copy Link
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If I have my time-frame right, you might've seen this pup on Kristin's farm last Spring.

I played with these guys from the time they were a few weeks old. This is a very solid looking litter---a sister Twistnlick is owned by Penny Zwart and her pup broke its Maiden at Raynham.


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Hi All,

On behalf of Kimberly Jewell and Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoptions, thank you to Henry Howe and Bahama Mama Greyhounds for choosing our organization to benefit from the inclusion of Mandys Choo Choo in Raceforadoption! We are very excited about the Raceforadoption program. I will be following Choo Choo's career, and will keep Kimberly and the PRH staff up to date on her progress.

We will have a write up in the next newsletter (due out Valentines week) regarding our inclusion in the RFA expedition!!!

Also, I would like to thank Bob Fine, Dennis McKeon, Martin Roper, and Angela Watson for their advice and guidence, in reguard to my interest in the Raceforadoption program.


Skip Potter
Adoption Counselor and Greyhound Advocate
Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoptions

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